A MEMORABLE DINING EXPERIENCE. Your restaurant is like no other. You, your chef, your hostesses and wait staff strive to serve diners more than just a decent meal: you create an atmosphere for them to enjoy the entire night out, one they’ll remember.

SRC MYSTERY SHOPPING PROGRAMS provide an objective evaluation of what it’s really like to eat at your restaurant from the point of view of the diner. You can get feedback on a number of your restaurant operations:

  • Greet and seat process
  • Ambience of dining rooms
  • Helpfulness of wait staff with menu choices
  • Timing between order and arrival of food and drink
  • Food and drink appearance, portion size and temperature
  • Water refill frequency
  • Condition and cleanliness of restrooms and facility
  • Handicap accessibility
  • Evaluation of any meal service, i.e., breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour, etc.
  • Likelihood of repeat visits

CATER TO REPEAT BUSINESS. From individually owned restaurants, especially nationwide franchises and local chains, mystery diners can look beyond their own table and observe the way your restaurant creates a complete dining experience. What’s more, data from their reports can reach you in a matter of hours, so you can cater to your diners’ preferences immediately, helping to maximize repeat business … and great reviews, too!

“Today’s leading-edge mystery shopping companies create a virtual ‘dashboard’ that allows an owner to peer into the inner workings of his or her establishment. Using a state-of-the-art blend of well-trained evaluators, customized evaluation forms and powerful Web-based analysis tools, mystery shopping companies can zero in, track and report on any area of your business you desire.”

-Nation’s Restaurant News


Service Research Corporation has conducted over 225,000 mystery shops for local, regional and national clients for over 20 years. Our proven products and techniques combine in-person, telephone and web-based shops that give us a comprehensive understanding of your business, providing you with critical information to:

  • Determine diners’ perceptions
  • Critique operational strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop, refine or evaluate a menu or beverage service
  • Create employee training and incentive programs based on performance

Custom Mystery Shops. First, we work with you to understand your business. Then, we create a mystery shopping program that meets your specific objectives, including the development of the evaluation form and the deployment of qualified shoppersfor your shops. We maintain a national database of over 25,000 well-trained shoppers- so all relevant aspects of their experience are recorded accurately.

Safe, Secure, Economical. SRC is well-equipped with operational and technical capabilities, utilizing a secure online database management system that any of our clients can use to observe and improve service performance and business processes at an affordable price.