A LOCAL FAVORITE. Stopping by your grocery to pick up something for a meal is habit-forming! You and your staff make every effort to offer an easy-to-find, diverse selection at competitive prices, wrapped up in a bright and inviting atmosphere and topped off with friendly, convenient service.

SRC MYSTERY SHOPPING PROGRAMS provide an objective evaluation of employee engagement, service and customer satisfaction from the point of view of a shopper who frequents your grocery. You can get feedback on a number of your supermarket operations:

  • Employee engagement and interaction with customers
  • Quality of meat, produce and other products
  • Effectiveness of promotional signs and displays
  • Length of check-out lines
  • Brand consistency among locations
  • Competition comparison

DISTINCTIVE DESTINATION. From upscale and specialty stores to high-volume warehouse grocers, making sure your customers are completely satisfied through the shopping experience creates an attractive value that will engage and delight them, and identifies your grocery as one of choice.


Service Research Corporation has conducted over 225,000 mystery shops for local, regional and national clients for over 20 years. Our proven products and techniques combine in-person, telephone and web-based shops that give us a comprehensive understanding of your business, providing you with critical information to:

  • Increase store traffic
  • Critique the mix of products, services, brands and price
  • Develop, refine or evaluate a shopping loyalty program
  • Reward employees based on performance

Custom Mystery Shops. First, we work with you to understand your business. Then, we create a mystery shopping program that meets your specific objectives, including the development of the evaluation form and the deployment of qualified shoppersfor your shops. We maintain a national database of over 25,000 well-trained shoppers- so all relevant aspects of their experience are recorded accurately.

Safe, Secure, Economical. SRC is well-equipped with operational and technical capabilities, utilizing a secure online database management system that any of our clients can use to observe and improve service performance and business processes at an affordable price.