FEEDBACK & REINFORCEMENT. Experts say incentive programs can improve employee performance by 20 to 40 percent. As an owner, team leader, supervisor or manager of a call center, that’s why you provide immediate feedback and rewards to your customer service team. You look at an incentive program as long-term and ongoing, because you’re serious about improving KPIs as a trend, not a fad. In fact, you regularly survey your customer service specialists for feedback on how to keep your incentive program fresh. Good start!

EMPLOYEE INCENTIVE PROGRAMS that area derived from data-driven customer service surveys and training identify deserving recipients through research-based means, as well as help supervising teams to innovate fresh takes on desirable rewards, such as:

  • Offering incentives for daily tasks such as attendance, etc.
  • Giving employees a choice of rewards, such as reloadable debit cards or extra time off
  • Inventing engaging ways to keep earned awards positive, exciting and fair
  • Featuring employee winners on the company blog, website or recruitment brochures


Service Research Corporation is committed to providing clients with data-driven customer satisfaction data in an easy, digestible way with recommendations for improvement, based on information collected directly from your customer. From client-provided customer survey data analysis to turnkey services to contact your customers and provide a venue for them to share their insights, SRC’s customer satisfaction surveys listen to your customers’ concerns, attitudes and perceptions. We focus on streaming information you can use for incentives, bonuses and improving performance.