LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. As social media, and the frequency of consumers expressing their likes and dislikes of brands online, gets even more instant and more public, you are leading your own revolution when it comes to customer service strategies. Engaging with your customers -and their opinions- is not only feeding the fire of rising consumer expectations, it’s fueling a new era of competition among businesses.

DATA-DRIVEN CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING is part of this new competitive environment, as all this intriguing data racing into your office computer has enormous potential in terms of helping you grow your business. Experts say 97% of America’s companies need to change their customer service strategies, or be left unprepared:

  • How are you generating insights from your customer survey data?
  • How quickly are you adapting to improve the customer experience, based on those insights?

If you’re working with a modern, responsive feedback system, effectively managing the data and the tools to capture and analyze it, you’re on your way to integrating a useful, informed action plan into your customer service training.


Service Research Corporation employs best practices for using customer feedback to identify strengths and weakness or gaps in our clients’ customer service training programs. We start with asking the right questions, interpreting the data and identifying the best ways to execute improvements with ease. We can help you formulate a training program that empowers your customer service department to:

  • Gain instant access to customer information
  • Accelerate its web service response
  • Offer enhanced product content
  • Integrate social listening/monitoring directly into the workflow
  • Initiate community-based service resolution

Innovate products and services backed by useful, data-driven insight