WORLD BEAT. In today’s global economy, your employees may report to work locally, regionally, around the nation and around the world –or virtually, from home. You are tasked with the responsibility to understand their opinions and perceptions on everything from the work environment to company leadership to business procedures to effective peer communication.

WATER COOLER TALK. Suddenly, “keeping you in touch with your employees” has a whole new meaning in terms of its impact on your time and talent. Not to mention, your employees’ role in the company’s future performance.

EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION SURVEYS equip bosses with a number of individual and organizational performance metrics tools that help with your ongoing commitment to effective employee communication, developed to build positive relationships and engagement, such as:

  • Satisfaction of remote employees with corporate services
  • Assessments of employee engagement
  • Mystery shopping employment processes
  • Post-employment/exit surveys and interviews
  • Online training programs
  • Employee communications surveys
  • Product and service training


Service Research Corporation conducts internal climate audits and offers a variety of research-based employee satisfaction measurement tools specifically designed to evaluate an employee’s engagement and performance in addition to the working environment itself. We conduct assessments of how the corporate office serves outlying business operations as well. Our services equip companies and institutions practical insight that supports data-driven decision making.