INSTANT GRATIFICATION. Your company thrives on getting feedback from your customers right after they’ve received a specific service or purchased a product or talked with your employees on the phone or visited your business for help on a do-it-yourself project. That most recent interaction leaves a lasting impression, and it’s critical for you to understand just how satisfied your customers are with the quality of service your business provides.

THE CUSTOMER’S VOICE. When customers are asked their opinion immediately after receiving a service, they can give fresh, top-of-mind feedback that relates directly to their experience, giving you an opportunity to listen and respond appropriately, and quickly:

  • How happy was the customer with the quality of service they received?
  • Was the service representative knowledgeable, courteous and helpful?
  • Did the representative listen and understand the customer’s needs?
  • Were the current and new services, policies or procedures explained to the customer’s satisfaction?
  • Did the company respond in a timely manner and keep commitments?
  • What does the customer think of the business overall?

TRANSACTION-BASED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEYS are a research-based tool to gather perceptions of service quality while the interaction is still fresh in a customer’s mind, helping companies better understand the customer experience. Transaction-based surveys measure a variety of customer experiences:

  • Utility company service calls
  • Call center, technical support, help desk and sales
  • Restaurant dining
  • Retail and e-commerce shopping
  • Hotel stays and service
  • Airline travel
  • Insurance claim fulfillment
  • Car rental transactions
  • Financial services
  • Trade show and event attendance

5-STAR RATINGS. Once you listen and respond positively to your customers, you engage them in ways that will increase their loyalty, directly impacting your sales and profitability. In addition, the valuable feedback and recommendations you receive can be used to pinpoint trouble spots in your organization, prioritize areas for improvement, assess policies and support employee training or incentive efforts.


For over 20 years, Service Research Corporation has designed effective transaction-based customer satisfaction surveys backed by our expertise in evaluating customer satisfaction data and based on the needs of our clients, which allow you to understand your customers’ concerns, attitudes, perceptions and satisfaction levels.

In today’s dynamic economic environment, businesses large and small will prosper if they give special attention to the customer experience. The most effective way to find out whether your customers are satisfied is evident in how you ask the questions and what you ask them. Then, understanding and analyzing the results must be done in a professional and ethical manner.

SRC’s transaction-based surveys systematically listen to your customers’ opinions. Our experience designing, implementing and reporting on hundreds of research studies is matched by our data collection efforts that have resulted in the successful completion of over 200,000 customer satisfaction telephone interviews, countless mail and Internet-based surveys.

SRC utilizes a secure on-line system for conducting e-mail surveys and operates an up-to- date, in-house call center in our Lincoln, Nebraska home office. SRC is well equipped with operational and technical capabilities that ensure secure and professional collection of data on your behalf.

Your Partner in Customer Satisfaction Research. SRC will partner with you to develop and implement a customized transaction-based survey solution:

  • Sample identification
  • Survey development
  • Interviewer training
  • Survey integration
  • Sample preparation
  • Survey administration
  • Data delivery and process reporting

Armed with the knowledge from your successful transaction-based survey, you’ll be able to:

  • Measure a customer’s satisfaction
  • Rectify any service dissatisfaction promptly
  • Understand your customer’s perception of the level and quality of the service being provided
  • Improve products and services based on customer experience
  • Generate new product and service ideas
  • Evaluate customer-facing service staff

Support employee and company morale with positive feedback