ROBUST RESPONSE. When it comes to a process for surveying customers, yours is like a well-oiled machine. Visitors to your website are filling out hosted survey forms with ease, generating hundreds and hundreds of emails every day, month and year –contributing to a rich, resourceful database that helps your business grow.

DEEPER ANALYSIS. As a company, you respond to each survey response individually, which keeps you on top of your customers’ needs, delighting them at every opportunity. Now, you want to use the existing data to help you make even smarter decisions about your business than what you’re making today.

UTILIZING EXISTING CUSTOMER SURVEY DATA to evaluate and interpret topics and trends within the customer service experience your company provides helps make the information work harder –allowing you to innovate at a much higher level:

  • Are certain topics seasonal?
  • Are other topics trending?
  • Are certain responses slowing down the business process?
  • Are other responses enough to sustain improvement?


When existing customer service data is provided to Service Research Corporation, we listen to what our clients need, making sure our methods for interpreting data are getting results. As you evolve, our research processes evolve along with you. We are constantly tweaking, evaluating and proving company responses based on what we’re seeing from your data. As these updates accumulate over time, your customer service experience has nothing to do but mature.