CUSTOMER OPINION DRIVES BUSINESS PRIORITIES. Are you diving deep into your customer satisfaction research, putting answers into context, isolating trends and topics, asking why, making survey adjustments while mining new feedback, and testing the action steps your company plans to take in response?

What makes customer satisfaction research (CSR) so useful today is how you use reported data to lean in, change things, take action with what you learn –so your customer can not only recognize but relate to your company in an ever-evolving, engrossing way.

EXPECTATIONS, PERCEPTIONS, IMPORTANCE, VALUE, LOYALITY … CSR monitors all these things by design. Based on measurable value, customers’ answers to, “How are we doing?” and “What should we do better?” are the clues that give you a better understanding of how to build relationships, test new ideas, benchmark against previous performance and improve your bottom line:

  • What you asking your customers?
  • How you asking the questions?
  • What results are you trying to understand?
  • How are you analyzing the data?

FLUID LISTENING. If your process for monitoring customer satisfaction gets stale or loses its flexibility – how many times are you asking the same customers the same questions? – it loses its valuable ability to indulge the creative process, dulling any new learning that comes listening to customer opinion with new ears, every time.


Service Research Corporation provides quality customer feedback research methodologies that allow our clients to understand their customer satisfaction levels. We offer years of experience in evaluating customer satisfaction and designing effective feedback systems, based on your needs.

Determining CSR success relies on research transparency and critical thinking. Our ability to see and understand the trends early on allows for making changes along the way, making research data stronger and responsive –to both the customer and the client.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys. From client-provided customer survey data analysis to turnkey services to contact your customers and provide a venue for them to share their insights, SRC’s customer satisfaction surveys listen to your customers’ concerns, attitudes and perceptions.

We focus on streaming information you can use for business planning and research, resource allocation, incentives, bonuses, improving performance, and competitive benchmarking.