Most public, private and for-profits face a future that is quite different than the past.  For some, the paradigm will change little, for others there will be vast changes.  A viable solution for one institution may lead to disaster in another.  However, there is one constant . . . Higher education must focus the entire college/learning experience and resource allocation on students.

W. Edwards Deming once said, “You can’t navigate forward by looking in the rear-view mirror”.   However, most “in the box” data gathering (research) in higher education is done by “Looking in the rear-view mirror”.

“Outside of the Box” research focuses on the road ahead.  That is where SRC has been for over 20 years, developing forward facing data decision-making systems.

Decision making processes will be based on the collective wisdom of executive teams, boards of directors and many stakeholders.  It may be more important to learn how to stop doing things than it is to maintain and to grow.   While data-driven decision-making has always been an element of decision making, it will become an essential organizational competency.

Dr. Eggland and Dr. Britten present the perfect combination of the talent and expertise needed by many public and private higher education institutions as they seek alternative strategies for transition and survival.

This 4 ½ hour seminar is designed to help campus executives and leadership teams realign strategic and operational focus on students. The objective is to provide a logical guide for seminar participants to enhance student focus on their campus and community.