Especially during times of economic difficulty, it is important to understand the perceptions of your customers. Customer satisfaction research examines expectations, perceptions, importance, value, loyalty, and overall satisfaction.

Maintaining the trust and loyalty of current customers is a top priority for any successful business. The old adage that it is less expensive to retain a current customer than to attract a new one is certainly true – possibly up to five times as true!

The most effective way to find out whether your customers are satisfied or not is to ask them outright.  How you ask the questions, and what you ask them, are vital parts of the process. Then, understanding and analyzing the results must be done in a professional and ethical manner.

SRC provides quality customer feedback research methodologies to allow our clients to understand their customer satisfaction levels. We offer years of experience in evaluating customer satisfaction and designing effective feedback systems, based on the needs of our clients.

SRC’s customer feedback systems systematically listen to your customers’ concerns, attitudes, and perceptions. We focus on streaming information you can use for business planning and research, resource allocation, incentives, bonuses, improving performance, and competitive benchmarking.