There are several current scams and fraudulent activities regarding mystery shopping being operated on an international basis at this time.  Most scams are initiated through the Internet.  Beware of these scams! If you have the slightest indication someone is trying to scam you, do not respond to the message and do not provide any information.

IMPORTANT: One of the recent scams exploiting SRC is from a hiring manager (often named Michael Wiley). It seemingly comes FedEx, UPS or certified mail. Michael Wiley is NOT an SRC employee or affiliated with SRC in any way. The directions are often to deposit a check, withdraw funds and call. SRC does NOT operate that way. We provide authentic mystery shopping opportunities at restaurants, grocery stores, colleges. We do NOT send checks for thousands of dollars to deposit, withdraw and send cashier’s checks!

We are Service Research Corporation (SRC), not Service Research Inc.,  SRC does NOT utilize a Hiring Manager or others with similar titles to recruit mystery shoppers.  Internet correspondence in these matters often originate from private email addresses such as yahoo, aol, etc.  Many times their emails are poorly written.

At times our logo has been used in their scams.  They have also utilized information from our website to make their message appear to be real.  We encourage you to be extremely cautious and do not fall for “easy money” scams or provide your personal information in search of mystery shopping assignments.  Anything that looks too good to be true, usually is.

Feel free to contact SRC if you have questions or concerns.