Foresee2TM is a “forward facing” talent management process developed by SRC owner, Dr. Michael Britten, which provides both strategies and operational solutions.  It is tailored to meet the needs of each business partner and is based on client mission and vision.

Highlights of the process include:

  • Based on a data-driven talent profile
  • Utilizes recognized statistical processes
  • Measures value-added constructs
  • Identifies current talent
  • Provides solutions for coaching and development
  • Develops strategies for screening and selection
  • Includes customer-focus attributes
  • Incorporates solutions for talent retention
  • Provides solutions for systematic culture change
  • Employs strategic motives for evaluations
  • Aligns HR with business strategies
  • Includes solutions for ongoing HR management
  • Allows your organization to seek, tweak and keep talented employees